Eddie Murray started custom painting bicycles as a way to combine his passion for cycling (Road, Mountain and Cyclocross racing) with his vocation—more than 10 years experience in automotive finishes. He manages the paint shop for a major automobile dealer, specializing in repairing and repainting vehicles of every kind, and has been awarded numerous certifications in the automotive industry.

Epic Customs combines Eddie's lengthy experience painting cars, along with his creativity and attention to detail with the passion he has for bicycles to produce very cool results.

Because of Eddie's experience with automotive finishes and painting, many of his cycling friends began to approach him to help them fix scratches, dings or other issues with the paint jobs on their bikes. Eventually a few asked him to paint their bicycles, sometimes returning them to "factory fresh" look-and-feel, but sometimes creating all new designs or using non-standard colors. Ultimately, Eddie started Epic Customs to offer these services to a broader audience.

Eddie is based in the Atlanta metropolitan area, but has painted bikes for happy customers from the west coast all the way to Europe. He works closely with local bike shops to assemble or disassemble (if needed) the bikes he paints, and provides services to many of them, fixing or touching up bikes damaged in rides, races or even just in shipping.

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