The key differentiators of an Eddie Murray paint job are the creativity, uniqueness, and immaculate attention to detail.

Whether you have very specific ideas of how you want your bike to look, or are willing to let the painter take some creative license, you will have an exclusive bike that nobody else will have.

Eddie has painted bikes that match the owner's car, and painted bikes that match the owners favorite nail polish color. He's created unique designs that reflect the brand of a bike, even ones that reflect the specific bike model, all done in the highest quality, using the best paints and never (never) any decals.

Eddie works closely with his clients to understand exactly what they are looking for in a paint job. Sometimes, they just want to restore their bike to the way it looked the day they brought it home from the shop. Sometimes they are a sponsored racer and they are required to keep the bike exactly as the sponsor delivered it. Or he can listen to you and determine what you want in your dream bike. What colors do you like? Are there any you hate? Is there a paint job you've seen on someone else's bike, or maybe even on a different brand that you always thought was cool?

He will discuss this in detail and whether you are completely married to an idea, or completely undecided, Epic Customs will design a paint scheme that matches your expectations and your desires. Read the testimonials on the site from other clients to get a sense of how happy they are with their Epic Customs paint jobs.

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In addition to bicycles, Epic Customs can also paint just about anything: ranging from custom cars to motorcycles, boats, etc. The same processes apply.

And Eddie can restore bike parts to factory-new finishes. Cranks, stems, bars, wheels, bottle cages, steel, carbon, ti, doesn't matter.

Have a scratched crank arm from a crash?... he can fix that.

Have your shifters been banged up?... he can fix that.

Maybe your expensive carbon wheels are looking a little worn?... he can fix that.

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